Air Warriors Paintball is located in the heart of the Central Valley, in Lemoore California. We strive to maintain a family friendly facility and the best paintball field in the area. Our paintball & airsoft complex features 3 scenario fields and 1 speedball field for paintball that has different field layouts weekly.


Air Warriors Paintball
11900 17th Avenue, Lemoore CA 93245


Hours of Operation

Saturday & Sunday

9am - 4pm
No person minimum or reservation needed



20 person minimum with 20% non-refundable deposit and 7 day advance reservation


Closed Dates

Easter Sunday (Speedball field will not be up that Sat)
Mother's Day
Saturday & Sunday, August 3rd-4th



  1. Players must be at least 10 years old.

  2. All players must sign a waiver or have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver.

  3. Field FPS limit is 295, all guns must be chronoed prior to play.

  4. Players must wear long pants. Players may not wear shorts on the playing fields.

  5. Please allow a 5 foot "Mercy Rule" for all players, this will help to avoid injuries.

  6. All Markers are to be covered with a Barrel Sock at all times outside of the field. Barrel socks can only be removed when instructed to do so by a Referee on the playing field.

  7. Goggles are required to be worn on the playing field at all times. If you are hit in the goggles DO NOT remove them to clean until you have left the field.

  8. No Foul Language, you will be removed after 2nd warning.

  9. No cheating or wiping of paint, if a referee calls you out, you are out. No arguing with referees.

  10. JT Elite, JT Recreation, Visible Impact, Reaction, Monster Ball, and paintballs with pink fill are prohibited.

We want everyone to have a good safe time playing paintball here at Air Warriors.




$50.00 per month

Includes unlimited entry and air

PLUS $5.00 off each case of paint

Sign up at the field!